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Steve, Ros, Greg and Selena Funke welcome you to the Bundara Downs website, where we are proud to provide information for prime lamb producers to maximize efficiency and optimize profit.

Bundara Downs offers a full range of services to ram buyers including an annual on-property sale of 300 rams in September, paddock sales of flock rams, semen sales from our elite sire battery of over 30 rams and our biennial mated ewe sale.

We commenced stud breeding in 1993 and use tried and true visual assessment along with the latest technology in Lambplan and scanning. We also participate in the ground-breaking Superwhite and Meat Elite groups that further accelerate genetic improvement.

You’ll find us at Hamilton Sheepvention, Adelaide Royal and Bendigo Show & Sale, you are welcome to view our sheep there or on-property.

Please enjoy the Bundara Downs website and contact us if you have any queries.

Stud Calendar

Hamilton Sheepvention

2nd - 4th August 2020

Royal Adelaide Show

4th - 6th September 2020
>> results

South Australian Foundation Breeders Sale

9th September 2020
>> more details

24th Annual Spring on Property Sale

18th September 2020
>>  more details

3rd Annual Summer on Property Sale

31st January 2020
>> more details

5th Mated Stud Ewe Sale

Friday 3rd April 2020
>>  more details

Royal Adelaide Senior Champion Ram